Fabric signage

Uninterrupted vivid print that transforms images into experiences

Visual communication that is impossible to ignore

Fabric signage, or tension fabric signage, unlocks new possibilities for brands to create immersive graphics that captivates audiences through rich vibrant colours and seamless images. Create an unforgettable first impression and prime potential customers for that first conversation with your sales team. Razor-sharp digital print graphics and specially engineered aluminium frame emanates faultless precision. The versatility of fabric signage presents the opportunity to augment other display elements such as interactive digital displays or product arrangements.


  • Backlighting to attract the attention of passer-by traffic
  • Customised shapes to align signage to brand concept
  • Aerial rigging for omnipresence throughout the event venue
  • Integrated design with other visual elements to create a coherent aesthetic
  • Delivery can be coordinated for difficult and time-sensitive locations


  • Exhibitions & trade fairs
  • Conventions
  • Brand activations
  • Visual merchandising