Case Study: Sotheby's Australia

Discover how the world's most renowned auction house presents their irreplaceable collections to buyers

Keeping valuables protected but not obscured

Sotheby's Australia contacted us to arrange a collection of display cabinets for the highly publicised auction, 'The Art of Divorce' - an accumulation of acclaimed Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe's personal belongings, comprising of Australiana antiquities, film memorabilia, fine art, and jewellery. Taking place in the historic Elston Room at Carriageworks (Sydney, Australia), Sotheby's curated two days of public exhibition to give the general public the opportunity to preview the iconic collection.

Display cabinet containing music memorabilia
Display cabinets containing film props

Jewellery was displayed in half counter display cabinets at the entry to the venue, accompanied by Sotheby's staff welcome visitors and offer guidance as visitors explore the collection. Costumes were displayed in single mannequin display cabinets throughout the venue, which arranged the venue space into quarters allowing the collection to be thoughtfully curated. Australiana antiquities and recognisable film props were displayed in upright display cabinets.

With roughly 230 items on display, the event was a resounding success with the auction recording over $3.7 million in sales.

Mannequin with costume armour in display cabinet