Case Study: Salesforce

Constructing an immersive learning environment to help nurture customers

Reinventing corporate events for the better

Display Today was brought onboard to build the Success Lodge structure that took centre stage at Salesforce World Tour 2018. The one-day roadshow took used the entire venue of the International Convention Centre in Sydney to create an expansive event with the purpose of educating existing and new customers about the best way to use their technologies in their business scenario.

Success Lodge at Salesforce World Tour 2018 in Sydney

As a cloud-based provider of customer relationship management (CRM) technologies, the Salesforce suite of products are intangible and difficult for people to assess its value. By using the power of events and effective visual cues, Salesforce is able to use thought leaders to educate and inform customers to advocate the use of their products and services.

Success Lodge was constructed from a lightly stained pine frame with acrylic partitions creating multiple learning spaces. The highly visible structure was a seamless extension of the Salesforce brand.

To have a look at the exceptional outcome of the event, watch the video below: